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Teach Twinks: Levon Meeks and Jeremy Sommers

Levon Meeks and Jeremy Sommers

Teach Twinks Videos

Today’s Twinkmate update is from one of my favorite twink porn sites, Teach Twinks.

In this video, Jeremy Sommers finds that he has the entire house to himself and invites his hot friend Levon Meeks over for a hookup. Levon is secretly in love with Jeremy and wastes no time in getting over to Jeremy’s house to get fucked by his perfect twink cock.

Once in the bedroom, Levon unzips Jeremy’s pants and starts working on his cock. As he sucks, you can see Jeremy’s cock grow larger and larger. After Levon sucks on Jeremy for awhile, it’s time for Jeremy to suck on Levon’s already raging hard-on.

After sucking on each other for while, Levon’s ass is all lubed up and Jeremy is slipping his rock hard cock as deep in as it will go. After Levon rocks back and forth on it to get used to having his ass filled with Jeremy’s cock, the two boys go at it fucking like rabbits until they both spill big loads of cum all over each other.

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