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Dustin Fitch fucks Micah Andrews at Phoenixxx

Dustin Fitch Fucking Micah Andrews for Phoenixxx

Phoenixxx Videos

Micah Andrews is my new favorite twink gay porn star, which is why I was so excited when I found him in a scene on the site Phoenixxx where he gets his ass pounded by the beautiful Dustin Fitch.

If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is what I call “zombie porn.” It’s the porn where the too thin, blank behind the eyes twinks fuck. There is no chemistry between them and they’re just there for the money. This is not one of those scenes, and Phoenixxx does not have those types of scenes, either. Phoenixxx is a real twink porn site featuring real twinks! Dustin and Micah are really into each other and its evident throughout the scene. The way they look into each others eyes. The way you can read Micah’s mind when he’s saying “you’re cock is perfect, thrust it deeper into me.” It’s a hot scene and one you’ll have to see for yourself

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